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About Us

Farscape Technical Services Inc. has a mission to provide the ultimate in services to our Clients so that their businesses may run smoothly and be profitably. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to pay close attention to our Clients needs and opinions. Thus, customize the solutions to their expectations as much as possible.

Company [Owners/Founders/Management]

Frank Fontana founded Farscape Technical Services Inc. to provide reliable network-related services and is operating it as President. Frank holds a technical degree in electronics as well as multiple industry certifications such as Novell CNE-6 and CNS 6.5, IBM hardware PSS, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003+ and various others. His experience and knowledge is applied to each task he undertakes. And is proud of his dedication to Client satisfaction.


Farscape Technical Services Inc. is a newly created consulting service (August 2016). Founded on the ashes of Fontana Technical Services Inc. (founded. August 1997)